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Birthdate:Nov 7
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HIYA! My name is _____ but you can call me kisa. I love to do art and obviously, if you read my description, I love homestuck. BUT I also love a lot more so don't think I just love one thing. I can be a lot of fun and even if I had a bad day I will do my best to make everyone smile. Any ways I write a little too but not much.

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/aradiaxsollux, /davexbro, /eridanxfeferi, /janexdirk, /janexroxy, /kanayaxkarkat, /karkatxterezi, /nepetaxequis, /rosexkanaya, /solluxxfeferi, /terezixdave, /terezixnepeta, /vriskaxjohn, /vriskaxkanaya, and a hell of a lot more, art, blogging, bunch of other animes and stuff, but mostly rock and technoish, cirque da freak, davexkarkat, doctor who, douglas adams books, homestuck (web comic), honostly, i am in to almost everything, johnxdave/, madoku magica, sherlock holmes, skulduggery pleasant, super natural
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